Some of My Inspirations.

A few years back I started thinking real heavily on my work, one of the things I really began to grasp is the way I Think about creative work. So in an Attempt to help those who might think like me I’ve began to start a List of my Biggest Inspirations.

My Biggest Inspiration currently is probably the thing that got me thinking the most about how i Think on Creative work, and that comes in the form of Austin Kleons work in the form of two books. Steal Like an Artist, and Show Your Work. His blog has a bunch of great things also, but the books are certainly in my opinion a must read for any Filmmaker, Visual Artist, or Writer. If you really can’t afford to get them i suggest checking out the following at very least.

This is probably one of the most inspiring ted talks i’ve seen (i’ve seen a lot) and it captures the spirit of Steal like an Artists perfectly. Infact he was my Favorite Ted Talk before i read his book which was given to me by Ryan Valdez who is supremely talented Filmmaker I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Show Your Work is also well worth the price and I’d really suggest getting either of these two, and then giving each of them to someone new, (apparently its a tradition and i’m a sucker for Traditions) so sit back and check out these great reads and open up your brain.

Another Inspiration of mine was a Blog that was the root of my ill-fated student film club LC52, Preston Kanak is a Filmmaker from Canada who decided to do a 3 min film every day for a year. (holy cow) so that inspired me to try and organize student filmmakers to make 52 Short films in a year. The basic concept he’s working on is called the 10,000 Hour Rule, and though its got some scientific evidence that both supports and opposes it, if your interested in something it’s the ideal mind set to have about that subject. The 10,000 Hour rule roughly equates that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of Deliberate practice to become a master at Any skill. So get to Practicing with this rule in mind and become the next big thing! But remember there is doing something, and there is Deliberate Practice. Deliberate Practice is really all about learning and mastering subsets and subskills of the greater knowledge and improving even the weakest point of your skill set to a mastery level.

The 10,000 hour rule comes from a book called Outliers by Malcom Gladwell so check it out!

Another of my Biggest Inspirations is the work, Blog, and Musings of Philip Bloom. He’s truly one of the most supportive filmmakers i’ve come across, he talks about so much its hard to really generalize him but to be sure his posts have influenced me a great deal specially his post “10+ steps to becoming mega successful in video production and probably winning many awards whilst becoming super rich!!” but make sure you actually read it! and while your at it check out this post its well worth a read and really helps once your in the thick of being a filmmaker.

Now this is only a portion of my greater inspirations, I hope to add more to this post as I have time and think of them.

Hope you have a good day and go do great work!