Story and Visual

Welcome to my website and blog.  This blog has a multifaceted purpose, one as a place to house my work online, and the work of my friends and coworkers who all work together creating new Stories and beautiful Visuals. Here We will put together blog posts, Videos, and links to all sorts of film-work that I like. As well as talk about theoretical and philosophical approach to film making.


About me


Hi, I'm really glad your here! Welcome to my Blog, designed around a group of filmmakers and storytellers who want you to come with us in our film adventures. We will explore all sorts of things as we all learn more and more about film making and share our work! Each project I will post a short blog on the project i just finished and various information I learned from it. Also possibly expanding this lessons in to full blog posts themselves! check out my Blog, and enjoy the videos I've shot in the Projects Section

Kent Harkey is my one-stop-shop for a great image. His skill with light runs through the very core of his being. He is a professional and talented cinematographer, as well as a delightful human being.
— Jesse Walden
“I’ve worked with Kent Harkey on various projects throughout the years and I can say without hesitation that he is an innovator and craftsmen when it comes to cinematography and visual production.”
— David Montes